Bandai Five Robo

Bandai Five Robo

I don't know much about this series, other than Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman was part of the Super Sentai live action series and the Five Robo was produced as a "jumbo machinder" by Bandai. I also remember that this figure use to be everywhere and was one of the easiest for JM collectors to find - I know I didn't pay much for mine. As a JM it's shorter than most coming in at about 21 inches - it's also made of hard plastic instead of the common shampoo bottle material so many think it doesn't quite fit into a JM collection - but I think it does.

Bandai Five Robo Chest Detail

The figure turns into vehicle mode by laying on it's back - not much else is going on, other than a shooting left fist (the right fist holds a battery to power the lights so it doesn't really shoot), a couple of light-up guns and a clear light-up sword.

Bandai Five Robo Side

Bandai Five Robo Back

Bandai Five Robo Arm Detail

Bandai Five Robo Right Fist Battery Holder
Guns and Sword

Guns and Sword 2

Guns and Sword 3

Bandai Five Robo Box Contents

Bandai Five Robo Box Front
Bandai Five Robo Box Side

Bandai Five Robo Box Back

Bandai Five Robo Box Side 2

Bandai Five Robo Box Ends

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