Mattel #2623 U-Combine Battle Marine

U-Combine Battle Marine Box Front
For info on Combatra's origin as Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V, see this page dedicated to this great combiner robo!
The U-Combine Battle Marine was part of the Shogun Combatra Vehicle set of 5 vehicles - Battle Marine was No. 4 and made up the pelvis and legs of the Combatra when assembled with the other four vehicles to form the completed giant robot.
U-Combine Battle Marine Box Back
U-Combine Battle Marine Box Side 1
U-Combine Battle Marine Box Side 2
U-Combine Battle Marine Box Ends
U-Combine Battle Marine Box Contents
As with the other vehicles that make up Combatra, the Battle Marine came in a small chip-box with a styrofoam insert and an accessory tail section molded in yellow plastic piece that made up the wings that clipped into the back . Shooters on either side near the wing tips would blue missiles while launchers on the back of the legs fired blue conical rockets.

U-Combine Battle Marine Missiles
U-Combine Battle Marine Dissembled
There's a number "4" printed on the sides of the plastic tail section. Note the red plastic pods (sometimes called yoyos) on the sides are frequently missing from this vehicle and the combined figure.

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