Jumbo Missiles


Shogun Warrior Missiles, a Comparison

I often get requests to identify the various missiles and projectiles that accompanied the Shogun Warriors. Hopefully, this page will help to identify the multitude of variations.

 Here are the Shogun Warrior missile variations that I personally possess:

  • Red missile with white, triangular vanes. Found on first release Mazinga, Japanese UFO Grendizer and first release Gaiking.
  • Red soft missile with white, clipped vanes. Found on second release Mazinga, second release Gaiking, and later release Goldorak.
  • Red hard missile with white, clipped vanes. Found (rarely) on any later released Mazinga, Gaiking or Goldorak. Probably made for another Jumbo Machinder (or possibly test-marketed), these missiles are rarely seen. They are much harder than the vinyl missiles and add an extra 10 points in damage (just kidding!).
  • White hard missile with red, clipped vanes. These are the missiles pictured on Gaiking's box. I personally own a second issue Mazinga full of these (compliments of my bud John Stephens). These are also much rarer than the first or second missiles. They seem to have been used on Canadian-released Mazingas.
  • Daimos missile. Made from soft vinyl, probably blow-molded. These odd missiles are not interchangeable with any other.

Dragun Axes, a Comparison

axe variations

Dragun axes came in blue, white and yellow (usually one of each). The axe on the left is from a first issue Dragun (and is how they were made for the Japanese release). Notice the larger base and spiked head.

Raydeen Delta Wings, a comparison 

1st Issue Delta Wing2nd Issue Delta Wing

Notice that the first Issue (on left) is hollow, blow molded plastic while the second Issue (on right) is hard plastic, with a hollowed-out belly. The first issue has a hole in its tail to attach to the firing pin, while the second has a square notch. They are not interchangeable between the different Raydeens.

There are other missile variants:
  • Popy Blue Missile with White Vanes - Popy Red Baron
  • Popy Silver Missile with White Vanes and White Dome - Mach Baron
  • Popy Green Missile with White Clipped Vanes - Popy Golion 
  • Popy Red Missiles with Black Vanes - These are the same as the regular Red Missile with White vanes except they have alternate colors - these came with the ZZ-2 Ultra Rapid Firing Missile Launcher
  • Nakajima Missiles - these are similar to the Popy only they are white with a hard red tip (the tip covers the whole end).
And projectiles from the XX and ZZ accessories
  • Disks of Destruction - Three vaned "propeller" style disks that launch from the XX-4 Lightspeed Disks of Destruction accessory
  • Skinny Red Missiles with Black Tips - These are the "Drill Missiles" that came with the XX-15 and ZZ-2 Drill Missile Fist accessories.

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