Popy God Mars

Popy God Mars Front
Popy released God Mars towards the end of their Jumbo Machinder line, in 1981 shortly after the release of Sun Vulcan. God Mars was from "Six God Combination Godmars" (六神合体ゴッドマーズ, Roku Shin Gattai Goddo Māzu), a Japanese anime televised in 1981-1982. Whenever Earth is in danger 6 robots could combine to make up God Mars

As with the Robot Factory and later JMs, the Popy God Mars doesn't have the wheels under the feet but does come with two firing fists, a hinged chest cover which covers the pilot, and a huge sword. The entire figure is a new sculpt molded in blue, black, green, red (the sword cross-guard) and white with painted features on the head. He also shipped with a fairly extensive sticker sheet.
Popy God Mars Back Detail

Popy God Mars Back

Popy God Mars Side

Popy God Mars with Sword

Popy God Mars Sword

God Mars doesn't have quite the heft of the earlier Popy releases, feeling lighter (I haven't taken apart the legs but it doesn't feel like there are any weights in mine). Also the build quality is slightly inferior - mine leans as the left leg is about an eighth inch (about 2mm) shorter than the right. The other odd thing is that the chest cover doesn't latch into the body properly - I use a twist tie to close the compartment - it's obviously a fitment flaw and so unlike Popy.

Popy God Mars Head Detail

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