Takara Giant Gorg

Giant Gorg Box Front

Not a company to pass on the possible popularity of an anime, Takara created this jumbo machinder of Giant Gorg (Kyoshin Gorg (1984) ) - an early 80's anime featuring a boy, a list of good guy characters and a giant robot, a bit of a throwback to Tetsujin 28. The robot on the show is a pure robot - no lasers, flying ability, etc. Just a metal giant who's eyes would glow red when he got mad and devastation would ensue.

Takara's jumbo machinder is about 25 inches tall and comes already assembled in a huge box. He's molded entirely in blue shampoo bottle plastic and comes with a sticker sheet. Articulation is very limited with rotation in the shoulders, mid thigh and head. His feet are very similar to 80's mecha like early Gundam (almost a cowboy boot). He has an interesting battery-powered feature that lights-up the eyes - I wish they had red film to emulate the anime!

Giant Gorg Box Contents

Giant Gorg Box Side

Giant Gorg Box Side 2

Giant Gorg Front

Giant Gorg Side

Giant Gorg Back

Giant Gorg Other Side

Giant Gorg Back Detail

Giant Gorg Battery Door in Head

Giant Gorg Light Up Eyes

Giant Gorg Sticker Sheet

There's also a fairly rare Taiwanese bootleg that's a decent copy but about an inch shorter, with obligatory "disco" stickers.

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