Popy Getta Liger

Getta Liger

Getta Liger is part of Go Nagai's second Getta series, Getta Robo G, the successor to Getter Robo. In the original series Getta Robo would reconfigure into three different robots by coming apart and recombining in specific configurations to combat whatever the menace was at the time. Each of the tree parts were piloted by a teenager - the series ends with the death of one of the teens, but continues in Getta Robo G. Getta Liger is the air combat version with wings on the back for quick flight. The left fist has a star missile shooter and there are small wings on this robots head, legs and feet.

Popy Getta Liger Box Front

Popy Getta Liger Box Left

Popy Getta Liger Box Right

Popy Getta Liger Box Ends

Popy Getta Liger Box Contents
Popy Getta Liger Front

Popy Getta Liger Back

Popy Getta Liger Head Detail

Popy Getta Liger Chest Detail

Popy Getta Liger Right Fist Detail

Popy Getta Liger Left Fist Detail

Popy Getta Liger Detail

Popy Getta Liger Wing Detail

Popy Getta Liger Back Detail

Popy Getta Liger Heel Wings

Popy Getta Liger Shooter

Popy Getta Liger Missiles
 I originally heard that the missiles that come with the Popy Accessory package ZZ-6 Super 3-Shot Attack Missile Launcher was the same and would fit Getta Liger but as you can see, while superficially they look the same in actuality the Liger missile has a narrower diameter and the ZZ-6 missile is too large to fit in the Liger shooter.

Popy Getta Liger Missiles Comparison

Popy Getta Liger Missile Comparison

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