Nakajima Tekkaman

Nakajima Tekkaman Figure Front

Space Knight Tekkaman

The Tekkaman jumbo machinder was the second JM release by toy manufacturer Nakajima during 1977 and comes to us from the anime Space Knight Tekkaman. This is an interesting figure that is not too difficult to add to your collection as it appears more readily available then most others from that period. The proportions are a bit different from Capsule Robo G and other Popy figures - this JM represents a human figure in space armor, so the comparison would more appropriately applied to the Popy human figures like the two Kamen Riders or two Ultraman figures. Hereto the proportions are much different from the bulkier Popy releases with much slimmer body and limbs.

Nakajima Tekkaman Figure Back

Nakajima Tekkaman Figure Left Side

Nakajima Tekkaman Figure Right Side

Nakajima Tekkaman Head 

Nakajima Tekkaman Chest

Nakajima Tekkaman Head Front Detail

Nakajima Tekkaman Head Back Detail

Nakajima Tekkaman Waist

Nakajima Tekkaman Copyright
The box is interesting - oversized when compared with Popy boxes, probably to compete with shelf space on Japanese retail shelves, featuring full-color images of the figure. My box is missing the inserts.

Tekkaman Box

Tekkaman has some interesting features, some borrowed from Capsule Robo G (the hand shooters and wheeled "skates" on the feet) or newly created for this figure, like the head missile, waist articulation (upper body can turn from side-to-side) and rotating arms. The overbuilt shoulders allow for a different stance and articulation from the very robotic Popy figures - I think it's quite interesting.

Nakajima Tekkaman Draw Pose

Nakajima Tekkaman Right Fist Detail

Nakajima Tekkaman Shooter Detail

Nakajima Tekkaman Left Fist

Nakajima Tekkaman "Skates"

Nakajima Tekkaman Missiles

While I don't believe this figure is for everyone, it does allow for an interesting variation from your typical jumbo machinder collection - the red, blue, yellow/gold and silver bits make it quite striking. I have missiles for the figure but they don't like to stay in the shooters - I think it's just wear. Mine also came with the head missile but it appears to be for a different figure (Nekrodave reports that it looks like the regular missiles with a different, flat-disc head). Also mine has the blue crotch sticker rather than the red - not sure why there's a variation but there is.

Tekkaman came with an interesting telescoping spear commonly missing from loose figures, as well as a couple of short vinyl figures like the Capsule Robo G - I'm guessing they would make good targets for the missiles.

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