Takatoku Daikengo

Takatoku Daikengo Front

Daikengo comes from the anime "Daikengo, The Guardian of Space" which ran 26 half-hour episodes during 1978-79. It was licensed internationally so the related toys seem to be collected more by Italians from the secondary market outside of Japan (most of the fan pages I've seen are in Italian). Daikengo was comprised of a small squadron of spaceships that would combine to make the giant robot figure, a knock-off of Combattler V or Voltes V - there's a human pilot (Prince Ryger, human female Cleo and two robots to pilot the various vehicles) and traveled the galaxy to re-establish peace (seems to be a common theme). Daikengo is a bit freaky in the videos as he's sometimes shown with a human mouth, fanged like a vampire and can spit fire. I like the Kaiju Daikengo fights better than the giant robo himself, they're pretty interesting and unique compared to other anime.

Daikengo is fairly uncommon as a Jumbo but pretty impressive (about 25 inches tall), sharing the leg rocket launchers with Takatoku's Big Dai X and the same clumsy red and white missiles. He also comes with  the same sword as Big Dai X only the guard is donut shaped unstead of an "X" - in the anime he's shown with two swords but for some reason the Jumbo Machinder only came with one. Both fists fire though they are commonly missing, he also came with two removable shoulder shields which are usually also missing. There are two red toe missiles for a full armed compliment but mine are missing. He has some interesting details like the two giant red gears on his hips - they don't serve any obvious function but are on the giant robo in the anime so I guess they made it to the figure - perhaps the original design had the figure turn into some sort of vehicle like Popy's Combatter V? If so he's probably laid on his back - the wide foot rollers in the heels would support the feet.

Takatoku Daikengo Front

Takatoku Daikengo Left Side

Takatoku DaikengoBack

Takatoku Daikengo Right Side

Takatoku Daikeng Shield and Fist Detail

Takatoku Daikengo Geared Wheel Detail

Takatoku DaikengoWaist Detail

Takatoku Daikengo Wheel Detail

Takatoku Daikengo Foot Sticker

At some point I'll mold a copy of my Big Dai X sword and add the donut guard from my Italian Space Valour so he'll have a couple of swords. The shields on my example are reproduction as are the stickers on them.

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Bourno said...

Thanks for the write up John. Always a good read on the history of the different jumbos. I have mine mostly restored. And got a sticker set from Kitsir. I didn't realize the number of stickers it does have. Maybe not as many as Voltron had though ;) but a fair number.