Shogun Toy Story


Godzilla Christmas by John Eaton

Back when these pages were hosted on I had a section I called "Toy Story" which featured stories and images provided by current fans who had the  same toys as children. They were mostly of Major Matt Mason toys and I always wanted to expand the section to include the other toys I was hosting there. As a result I've been collecting images from collectors, most of these are vintage (so the image may be a bit "rusty") - I've attributed to the image owner when possible.

Vintage Shogun Warrior Images:

I believe this is from a Mazinger Z TV Commercial

I believe this is from a Mazinger Z magazine article

Asian Grendizer Fan Club photo

Daltanias by Unknown

Mazinger Z by Unknown

Mazinger Z by Unknown
Dragun by Unknown

Mazinga and Raydeen by Unknown

Mazinga by Unknown

Godzilla by Acro Ray

Unknown boy's bedroom

Mazinga by Brian Dailey

Mazinga by Dan Brackett

Dragun and Great Mazinga by Darron Bryant Christmas 1978

Godzillas by Unknown

Mazinga by Wendel Sykes

Rodan Christmas by Unknown

Godzilla and Gaiking by Unknown

Gaiking by Unknown

Mazinga by John Reese

Vintage Newspaper photo by Kip Reaves

Gaiking Chrismas 1979 by Markos Demantos

Dragun by Mike Tannehill

Godzilla by Scott Crawford

Raydeen Christmas 1978 by Shamus Young

Dragun Model Kit Christmas by Unknown

Mazinga Christmas 1977 by Dan Martin

Mazinga Christmas 1977 by Dan Martin

Mazinga Christmas 1977 by Dan Martin

Mazinga Halloween 1978 by Dan Martin

Gaiking by Stephan Wassan

Great Mazinga and Dragon by Christophe Raes

Vintage Toy Store Photo

Mazinga 1978 Victor Valenzuela

Godzilla Christmas by Wes Furguson

Raydeen by William Hoyt

Godzilla Christmas 1979 by Eric Elliott

Great Mazinga Costume by David Keymont


Debra Harry of Blondie
Combattler V by Ace Frehley of Kiss tweet

Great Mazinga and Raydeen - 45 Grave (“Partytime” from Return of the Living Dead) sent to me by Quentin Thomas-Oliver

Modern Collector Images:

Godzilla, Dangard Ace and Great Mazinger by Kirk Hammett of Metallica

Artist Rob Liefeld
Harlan Ellison's Collection from "Dreams with Sharp Teeth"

As usual, if recognize yourself or others and can provide additional information, please contact me and I'll update the page ( Or, if for some reason you don't want your image posted, let me know and I'll remove it. Conversely, if you have an old photo please send it to me with your name and the date and/or event (if there is one) and I'll be happy to add you to the page.

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