Super 7 Kenner Boba Fett

Boba Fett Kenner Version Box Front

 Super Shogun #3 Boba Fett Kenner Version

I believe the Boba Fett, Kenner Version was the third or fourth Super Shogun released by Super7. The Kenner Version has the initial Kenner choices of color for the toy (sometimes called the hotdog or ketchup and mustard Boba due to the color of the arm cuffs) as opposed to the Empire version which has the paint scheme from the movie. The sculpt is awesome, as you would expect from a company like Funko with great detailing. The box has Japanese writing on it to pull you back into the Popy era - there's even a Popy-esque logo in blue with Super7 in katakana.

Boba Fett Kenner Version Contents

The figure itself has limited articulation, much like the Shogun Warriors it's modeled after. The head turns and arms raise-and-lower. There's a rather fragile range-finder on the helmet that breaks rather easily (ask me how I know?) and rollers under the feet. There's also a missile firing gun mounted on the left arm that fires one of the accompanying two yellow missiles - for some reason there's missile banks that hold two missiles each on each leg but the figure only comes with two? Apparently there was at some point a way to get more missiles from Funko, perhaps at shows like SDCC.

Boba Fett Kenner Version Box Ends

The massive box itself is a work of art with great iconography - the figure is numbered as #3 in the Super Shogun series. There's also a very well made outer shipping box that's also marked to help protect the precious cargo inside. In all this is a great addition to the Super Shogun line.

Boba Fett Kenner Version Shipping Carton

Boba Fett Kenner Version Shipping Carton 2

Boba Fett Kenner Version Instructions

Boba Fett Kenner Version Instructions and Sticker

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