Mattel #2513 Collectors Shogun Warriors Poseidon (Getter Poseidon)



#2513 Poseidon

Measuring at slightly 3", Poseidon has a yellow, red and blue painted torso with plastic appendages. He may be identified by his tread-ed forelegs and red shoulder-mounted cannons.

For background information on this figure, there's much more information on Getter Poseidon here.


Poseidon was initially released in a small box with a top-fold to hang from a peg. See Variations below.

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

 (First appearance: Mattel Toys 1978 Retailer Catalog Page 51)

"Great way to build a collection!"

3-inch Collector's Warriors
"Six Shogun(r) mini-figures. 3-inches tall! All have die-cast metal parts, arms that move, heads that turn. They're fun, colorful, supremely collectible! 4-color window boxes continue the distinctive Shogun line look. Shogun warriors in the 3-inch size...mysterious defenders of justice!"

#2518 Asst. Pak 48/Wt. 13 lbs.


Skinny and Wide Box Variations

Skinny Box on Card Variation

Skinny and two Wide Box Variations

Skinny Box on Card Back

Non-US Releases

  • Poseidon also appeared via Mattel in Europe in both the skinny and the wide boxes (so two more Mattel variants).
  • In 1983 Nacoral released Poseidon as part of Robots del Dr. Infierno - you would pull the figure from a display card so it's unknown if it was ever offered boxed/packaged. He was given an extra metallic belt sticker
  • Speculation
    • Bandai may have released the figure via the GoDaiKin line with extra stickers on a backer card 
    • Bandai may have released Poseidon in a skinny box with Kana in some Asian Markets, also sharing the extra stickers from the GoDaiKin release

John's Notes

This is one of the more common Collector Shogun figures - I used to see these loose pretty often at toy shows. This guy loose typically has a lot of wear.

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