Mattel #2517 Collectors Shogun Warriors Grandizer (UFO Grendizer)


#2517 Grandizer

This 3 1/5" tall Shogun has a black and red painted torso with black plastic limbs. His predominant feature is the double yellow horns on either side of the head. Note the spelling - typically the figure is referred to as "Grendizer" and in Europe Goldorak or Goldrake (Italy).

For background information on this figure, there's much more information on UFO Grendizer here.


Grandizer was initially released in a small box with a top-fold to hang from a peg. See Variations below.

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

 (First appearance: Mattel Toys 1978 Retailer Catalog Page 51)

"Great way to build a collection!"

3-inch Collector's Warriors
"Six Shogun(r) mini-figures. 3-inches tall! All have die-cast metal parts, arms that move, heads that turn. They're fun, colorful, supremely collectible! 4-color window boxes continue the distinctive Shogun line look. Shogun warriors in the 3-inch size...mysterious defenders of justice!"

#2518 Asst. Pak 48/Wt. 13 lbs.


Grandizer Skinny and Wide Boxes

Grandizer Skinny Box on Wide Card

Skinny and two Wide Box Variations

Skinny Box on Card Back

Non-US Releases

  • Grandizer also appeared via Mattel in Europe in both the skinny and the wide boxes (so two more Mattel variants).
  • In 1983 Nacoral released Dragun as part of Robots del Dr. Infierno - you would pull the figure from a display card so it's unknown if it was ever offered boxed/packaged.
  • Bandai released the figure via the GoDaiKin line with extra stickers on a backer card 
  • Bandai also appears to have released Grandizer in a skinny box with Kana in some Asian Markets, also sharing the extra stickers from the GoDaiKin release

John's Notes

This is one of the more common Collector Shogun figures - I used to see these loose pretty often at toy shows. It's also one of the more popular figures so demand is high.

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