Mattel #2994 Collectors Shogun Warriors Voltes V

At slightly over 3", Voltes V is one of the smallest Collectors Shoguns. He has red plastic arms and black plastic legs, attached to a black and red painted body. His red plastic head looks like a plane or spaceship. He does not have a "V" anywhere on his body (Combattra is often confuses for Voltes V due to the "V" on his head). I'm not quite sure why Mattel chose to use Voltes V instead of Voltus V used for the Two-in-One.

For background information on this figure, there's much more information on Voltes V here.


Voltes V as a Collectors Shogun Warrior was only offered in the 2nd version Wide Box.

Mattel Catalog Specifications:

 (First appearance: Mattel Toys 1979 Retailer Catalog Page 52)

"Invincible Guardians in miniature! Shogun(R) stalwarts 3 inches tall. All have die-cast metal parts, arms that move." 
The line has been expanded from the original six to a full ten with the addition of:

#2994Voltus V
#2995 Dangard
#2996 Leopardon
#2997 "17"
Yet even with the expanded line the assortment has the same count/weight. They apparently just give you fewer of each to make room for the additions.
#2518 Asst. Pak 48/Wt. 13 lbs.


Voltes V 2nd Version Wide Box
2nd Version Wide Box Back

Non-US Releases

  • Voltes V also appeared via Mattel in Europe in the wide box.
  • Bandai released the figure via the GoDaiKin line with extra stickers on a backer card 
  • Bandai may have released Voltes V in a skinny box with Kana in some Asian Markets, also sharing the extra stickers from the GoDaiKin release

John's Notes

This is one of the more common and desirable Collector Shogun figures due to the character's popularity.

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