Jugarama Aquaman

Jugarama Aquaman

I came across this in an auction some years ago - the Jugarama Aquaman was listed as a Kamen Rider X - I could tell there were some differences in the head so I won him as a variant. It wasn't until some years later that we all learned about Jugarama, a company in Mexico that copied various Popy figures and marketed locally. Aquaman came with the two whips/batons like the Popy version but seems of have had decals instead of the metal medallions. Mine has some random katakana on the belt but using some references to discovered boxes Aquaman should have stickers approximating the original look of the belt. This figure also came with some accessory fists, according to the box and was quite the deal.

Jugarama Aquaman Back
Jugarama Aquaman Belt Detail

Popy Kamen Rider X Belt Detail

Other than a difference in height (it's slightly shorter than the original Kamen Rider X) the figure does sport a new head sculpt. I'm not sure why that was done but it does make the figure more interesting, no? From the difference in height I suspect that this figure was cast from an original Popy figure - there's usually a small bit of shrinkage which would account for the difference in size.

Jugarama (left) and Popy (right) Front

Jugarama (left) and Popy (right) Back

Jugarama (left) and Popy (right) Side

Jugarama (left) and Popy (right) Side

Jugarama (left) and Popy (right) Facing

Jugarama (left) and Popy (right) Feet

Jugarama (left) and Popy (right) Heads

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