Popy XX-12 Photon-Powered Timer

XX-12 Photon-Powered Timer Card Front

XX-12 Photon-Powered Timer

 I'm not quite sure what this accessory does but the consensus is that it tells you when to use an accessory - it's basically a wind-up watch a kid would wear around his neck and it would give you an idea of when your current accessory was about to run out of power. Apparently one of the gimmicks of Mazinger Z was that every episode would include some challenge that would take the scientist to overcome through the use of some special ability given to the robot (thus the different accessories). I believe this watch would run at various rates and wind down to let the kid know that the accessory was becoming ineffective and force a new accessory. Great idea to get more accessories into the hands of JM-owning kids!

XX-12 Photon-Powered Timer Card Detail

XX-12 Photon-Powered Timer Card Back

I believe this is the rarest of the accessories, it was incredibly difficult to find one still on the card - from that past few years of collecting these I've only seen three for sale and this was the third.

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