Popy Kamen Rider V3

Popy Kamen Rider V3

In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a huge fan of Kamen Rider. When I lived in Okinawa as a kid Ultraman was my hero - everything about the series appealed to me - the idea of transformation (from human to Ultraman), his ability to grow in size into a giant, all the cool vehicles and gadgets that the Science Patrol (aka Science Special Search Party aka Scientific Special Search Party aka Space Defense Forces aka United Nations Scientific Investigations Agency) would carry and use. I basically cut my teeth on Sentai-style serials and Godzilla movies. It was my childhood friend Richard J that introduced me to Kamen Rider, who appeared sometime after I lived in Japan and later in Hawaii. He had all these great cards and booklets and would describe the various episodes to me - it was instantly hooked - in retrospect I think it was the motorcycle as I loved bikes and choppers as a kid.

In any case, I had already picked up the Kamen Rider X and when this V3 came along I snapped it up. The V3 has some interesting design features - besides being another human-figure instead of a giant robot, the V3 has a specially molded torso and head. The head has the interesting feature of allowing the antenna to be extended, unlike the X. Also unlike the X, V3 has connecting joints for the legs (not sure why as he can't sit and when the legs are out of position, he doesn't stand correctly - perhaps it was for ease in the manufacturing process instead of as a feature). Like Kamen Rider X, V3 also has cloth bits that stream from hooks on his shoulders and sports a separate plastic belt with a metal medallion on the front and  a holster for a separate device (mine is missing) under the left arm. The hands and feet appear to be from the same Kamen Rider X mold, only in different colored plastic.

Kamen Rider V3 Full Back

Kamen Rider V3 Back Detail

Kamen Rider V3 Copyright Detail

Kamen Rider V3 Boot Detail

Kamen Rider V3 Chest Detail

Kamen Rider V3 Head Detail

Kamen Rider V3 Head Detail - Retracted Antennae

Kamen Rider V3 Head Detail - Back

This example is apparently a variant as the stripe doesn't extend down the back of the head to the painted collar.

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