Famosa Lanza Punos

Famosa Gaiking Figure Front

This is Famosa's knock-off of Mattel's Gaiking jumbo machinder. "Lanza Puños" in Spanish means "Launch Fists" in English so presumably the robot is named after the figures ability to launch both his fists. This also in one of the major differences between the Famosa version of the figure and the Mattel - both fists not only fire, they also both bend (note that my example has a broken knub on the right fists so I have it turned front-to-back for display and these photos - at some point I need to repair it. The other big difference in this figure, when compared to Mattel's, are the additions of rocket-banks on the legs, providing storage for 10 additional rockets, bringing up the total to 14 with the four on the shoulders. I've found that Famosa was big on providing extra play-value to its buyers, somewhat contrary to Mattel's trend to limit the liability of shooting parts hitting kids in the eyes and being swallowed, buyers in Europe (Nacoral) and in Venezuela (Famosa) seem to dig the challenge.

Famosa Gaiking Figure Back

Famosa Gaiking Figure Back Detail

Famosa Gaiking Figure Front Detail
Famosa Gaiking Figure Broken Right Fist Knub

As you can somewhat tell from the photos, there's a bit of a lean to the figure - the plastic is very thin much like the other Famosa figures, and the fitment can produce leans, or in the case of the head, the neck is so loose the horns pull the head to one side. There's also a lack of detail to the face, relying instead on metallic stickers (that in 2020 tend to fall off from the glue failing). The missiles are the same, more brittle darker red missiles that comes with other figures. The figure is also shorter - both from the leg replacement and a general resizing, probably due to shrinkage of the molds pulled from the original Mattel Gaiking.

As with the other Famosa figures - same box, same stamps and labels, only with Robot Lanza Puños marked on one end.

Famosa Gaiking Box End

Famosa Gaiking Box Bottom

Famosa Gaiking Box Lid

Famosa Gaiking Missiles

Famosa Gaiking Box Contents
My example had all the missiles floating wild in the box - I'm fairly sure this was stock from the warehouse so I'm not sure if it was originally bagged or not. This was true for all four jumbos except Dragun.

Comparison shots to the Mattel Gaiking (on the left)

Mattel Gaiking vs Famosa Lanza Puños Front

Mattel Gaiking vs Famosa Lanza Puños Back

Mattel Gaiking vs Famosa Lanza Puños Legs

Mattel Gaiking vs Famosa Lanza Puños Fists

Mattel Gaiking vs Famosa Lanza Puños Fists 2
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