Famosa Robot Lanza Cohetes

Famosa Daimos Figure Front

This is Famosa's knock-off of Mattel's Daimos jumbo machinder. "Lanza Cohetes" in Spanish means "Launch Rockets" in English so presumably the robot is named after the two large calf missiles. Otherwise this is a fairly accurate copy of a Mattel Daimos, albeit a bit shorter and simplified, also modified with two bending arms rather than the single in the Mattel, with fist shooters on each, definitely an improvement and more like the progenitor Popy version. The stickers are also pretty much a copy of the Mattel so no weird modifications to those. Some of the colors are a bit different with blue molded torso rather than the Mattel black.

Famosa Daimos Head Detail

Famosa Daimos Chest Detail

As with other Famosa jumbos the plastic is pretty brittle, especially the PVC parts - I keep the fists off when stored in the box to keep the knubs from breaking due to stress. 

Famosa Daimos Fist Detail

Famosa Daimos Figure Back Detail

Famosa Daimos Figure Wheels

Famosa Daimos Figure BAck

 As you can see there's a lot of simplified parts such as the collar normally found at the top of the fists and the wide back foot wheel being replaced by two wheels on a common plastic axle. The same box was used for all four Famosa releases with a marked checkbox indicating what's contained on one end of the lid.

Famosa Daimos Box Front

Famosa Daimos Box Side 1

Famosa Daimos Box Side 2

Famosa Daimos Box End

Famosa Daimos Box End

Famosa Daimos Lack of Inserts can cause box damage

Famosa Daimos Box Contents

Here are comparison shots against a Mattel Daimos - you can see that the Famosa figure is much shorter and stands with a bit of a lean.

Famosa Daimos to Mattel Daimos Comparison

Famosa Daimos Head Comparison

Famosa Daimos Missile Shooter Comparison

Famosa Daimos Missile Comparison

Famosa Daimos Fist Size Comparison

Famosa Daimos Fist Size Comparison

Famosa Daimos Fist Comparison

Famosa Daimos Roller Comparison

Famosa Daimos Arm Comparison
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