Japanese illustrator and creator, Go Nagai

Many people remember the Shogun Warrior toy line and some even remember the Marvel Comic Books, but few know the origin of the concept for these giant Japanese robots. In 1970 Go Nagai began developing the Giant robot theme for manga (Japanese comics) and for anime (Japanese animation). At the time, Go Nagai (formally an assistant to Japanese comic great Shotaro Ishimori) was the leader of a radical group of young artists pushing the envelope of manga ideas. These artist were writing and illustrating stories for adults that were published in the same magazines that traditionally printed stories for children.

What made Nagai and these other renegade artists unique was their approach...they sought to shock and captivate young adults and older teens with stories that were bizarre, comedic and along fantasy lines. (Check out "Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics" by Frederik Shodt for more info)

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