Mattel Dimension 1978

This is a Mattel Dimension catalog from 1978 - these were sent to various advertisers so they can have clear images to use in print ads - think of these as being used for stats to include in newspapers and the like. It's quite rare and the only one I've found in many years of collecting.

Mattel Dimension 78 Cover

The cover shows an assortment of Mattel toys from 1978 with a Poseidon die-cast fogure prominent at the bottom - Text includes "Advertising Repro Art Book" with copyrights and the Mattel "prize" logo.

Mattel Dimension 78 Page 32

Page 32 starts the Shogun Warriors section with the 3-Inch Collector's and 5-inch Die-Cast in a few sizes, along with titles and descriptions.

Mattel Dimension 78 Page 33

Page 33 provides the lineup in the Jumbo Machinder line for 1978: the newly added Gaiking and Godzilla, along with Radeen, "Great" Mazinga (first use of this new name I believe) and Dragun. Note the images still use the earlier configurations of all three.

Mattel Dimension 78 Page 34

Page 34 introduces the Shogun Action Vehicles with Vertilift, Varitank and the Solar Saucer. It also has an image of the Code Name: (Battlestar) Galactica Viper Launch Station. Lots of trademarks here - makes me wonder though with the lack of "Battlestar" if things were going south?

Mattel Dimension 78 Page 37

Finally there's a "bonus" with the new Godzilla Game on page 37. I find it interesting that they decided to add this - a bit of a "last hurrah!" as traditional board games transitioned to electronic versions - this one is certainly a transition toy.

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