Monogram Mazinga

Monogram Mazinga Box Front

Monogram #6021 Shogun Warriors Mazinga

Mazinga is molded in royal blue, red and silver, and a little painting makes a very cool kit. The feet are bulky to support batteries (the original Bandai kit could contain a battery-powered motor that would cause Great Mazinga's arms to swing around). Mazinga's brain condor is removable, as is his para-wing and chest "v" (which can be held as a boomerang-weapon!). He comes with a dagger and sword. In all, he's one of the best kits.

Monogram Mazinga Box Ends

Monogram Mazinga Box Sides

Monogram Mazinga Box Contents

Monogram Mazinga Box Content Parts

Monogram Mazinga Instructions Front

Monogram Mazinga Instructions Insides

Monogram Mazinga Instructions Back

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