Monogram Raydeen

Monogram Raydeen Box Front

Monogram #6022 Shogun Warriors Raydeen

Raydeen is molded in black, yellow and red. Two interesting features are his slide-apart face shields and his retractable bow. The model comes with several red arrows to shoot from the bow (let's poke some eyes out kiddies!!). The bottom of the feet are open so the original model probably mounted to a platform or something. Also, the legs are hollow and seem to be molded to hold batteries like other Japanese kits I've seen (the original model could probably either walk or run around on wheels).

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Monogram Raydeen Box Contents

Monogram Raydeen Box Contents Detail

Monogram Raydeen Instructions Front

Monogram Raydeen Instructions Insides

Monogram Raydeen Instructions Back
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