Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch

 Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch

These are pretty basic shooting fists on red launchers (similar to the red launcher that the iron cutter propelled from in the US version Raydeen except here the firing button is molded in yellow and the screws don't have the reinforcement). I'm not quite sure why the box shows yellow launchers - but it's probably a prototype photo as the launch button is also different from what ended up being produces. I also own a pair with dark blue launchers - I thought for Tetsujin 28 but they may have come packaged in this same box. This was the most basic "must have" accessory. Note that on these boxes the graphics were the same front-to-back, side-to-side and end-to-end.

Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch Box Front/Back

Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch Box Sides

Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch Box Ends

Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch Box Contents

Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch Box Contents and Loose

For some reason Popy decided to use the yellow launchers on most of the XX-13 Pair of Iron Cutters. It's basically the same launcher only the plastic is swapped between the launcher and buttons for each pair.

Popy XX-1 Rocket Punch compared to XX-13 Pair of Iron Cutters

Launcher Variations
Note that the photo above shows 5 different configurations with different button colors or slightly different molds. Not pictured is the Navy Blue launcher that came with Tetsujin 28 and Sunvulcan.

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