Popy XX-2 Photon Flamethrower

XX-2 Photon Flamethrower

This has become one of my favorite accessories. Colored, translucent tips cover a "sparking" device (basically a metal plate that's struck by a gear). One winds up via a knob and presses a button for it to fire. Comes with two extra, different colored tips and two extra sparking plates (to replace the one inside when it wears out!).

XX-2 Photon Flamethrower Box Front/Back


XX-2 Photon Flamethrower Box Sides

XX-2 Photon Flamethrower Box Ends

XX-2 Photon Flamethrower Box Contents 2

XX-2 Photon Flamethrower Sticker

The original marketing photos for this accessory show a more hand-like shape, presumably of a prototype - also the early No. 2850 series figure boxes show differences more akin to the prototype than the actual released toy. Just something of interest.

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