March Updates

LJN Voltron Giant Commander with Blazing Sword

Updates for March 4th

This weeks update includes one of my favorite JMs, the LJN Voltron Giant Commander. This figure is almost identical to the Popy GoLion version and probably the closest we'll ever get to owning one - it's also a fairly good copy lacking the weighted feet and firing hands with missile banks (my example above is missing the wings). I've also added the Popy XX Jumbo Machinder Secret Case - a really amazing accessory.

Finally, after a conversation with Steven Kim I realized that my Mattel Mazinga page was deserving of new images and updated content - lots of errors on that page. I've also added some information on the Canadian Mazinga (white missiles) and the really odd Mattel Mazinga Z issued in Europr.

Case Contents

A few fun photos:

I end up taking a lot of miscellaneous photos that never make it to these pages - I thought I'd start putting them into the updates. Enjoy!

Aphrodite A Detail

Poseidon in line

Starscream KO

T28 Upgrade!
 -- John

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