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U-Combine Combatra No. 1 Battle Clasher Box Front
I finally completed a set of Shogun Combatra Vehicle chip-boxes - this has literally taken years. The first I found was the Battle Tank and then I lucked out on a set of 4/5 of the rest (so I have a duplicate of the Tank now). The Battle Clasher was the last for me to finish out the set. I still need to take some photos and document the deluxe Combatra set - which is interesting itself as it's basically a big box that holds all 5 styrofoam inserts in a cardboard insert but comes with some extra bits like the strap that holds the figure together.

So here are links to all five - you can also see them as sub-menu items off the main navigational menu:
  1. U-Combine Combatra Vehicle No.1 Battle Jet
  2. U-Combine Combatra Vehicle No.2 Battle Clasher
  3. U-Combine Combatra Vehicle No.3 Battle Tank
  4. U-Combine Combatra Vehicle No.4 Battle Marine
  5. U-Combine Combatra Vehicle No.5 Battle Craft
Let me know what you think and if you have any comments.

-- John

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