Post Pandemic Updates


It's been a while - actually about a year, since my last post. A few things have happened - in early 2019 I was laid off from my fairly high-paying position working for an agency's software development division - I decided to take some time off and really didn't worry too much about another job, did some traveling, etc thinking I would find something casually, however then the pandemic hit which really put all brakes on my toy spending. Last year during the pandemic was pretty rough - frankly I had updates ready to go for but I wasn't much inclined to do them. The pandemic had two effects on me - the first was that it put a stop to most Japan Post shipments to the US and the second was that a fairly expensive toy was held up for shipment until recently (16 months later) but I finally received it. The first impact, combined with a lack of funds due to no-job, curtailed my desire to search for anything coming to market in Japan. Not that this totally precluded my spending but it did put a stop to 95% of it.

Since my last post I've acquired a few things which I'll be adding to shortly. In the meanwhile, here's a new page regarding Mattel Creations jumping into Jumbo Machinder land via the addition of a Masters of the Universe Skeletor figure..

More to come...

-- John

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