Jumbo Machinder News - Recent, Upcoming Releases and Pre-orders 2023


There are a few releases planned for 2023 - some of these were originally announced years ago. I thought I'd do a general post about them - note that this is for information only - I don't have any insights or access into purchasing these (but in most cases I HAVE pre-ordered). Starting with some of the larger recent releases to set the stage or you can skip to the Pre-Orders below.

Mattel Creations Shogun Masters Skeletor (and variants) - RELEASED

I thought this a bold move by Mattel Creations - I would have never expected this small direct-market Mattel subsidiary of marketing a Shogun Warriors-sized anything other than a Barbie. Seems the MOTU line is doing better than I expected. The figure is based more on the stylized 2021 series but more so with simplified profiles (ironically it reminds me of Funko Pop figures). Besides the base figure there are two variants, bot cased in black plastic: Golden Havoc (black with gold trim paint) and Dark Malice (all black with a couple spots of silver)

I originally only wanted the base figure but then decided to buy the Dark Malice variant - hard to turn down something that's limited to 250 pieces. These shipped May 2021 and are now only available in the aftermarket.

Super 7 Super Shogun Optimus Prime (Fallen Leader) - RELEASED

This is a variation of the Optimus Prime that finally released in 2022 (Pre-orders originally solicited for Feb 2020 - Covid 17 severely delayed delivery). Super 7 followed-up the Optimus release with the Fallen Leader variant in July of 2022 so presumably they're back on schedule. I've included this on even though it's already shipped (I think it's still available on the Super 7 site as of 2023.03.08).

Super 7 Toho Super Shogun Mechagodzilla (Full Color) - PREORDER

This was solicited for in October 2022 with a planned release Summer 2023. It's an MG scaled to match the Mattel Shogun Warriors Godzilla (similar upright stance, rolling feet, shortened tail). Personally love the missile-firing fingers!


Mattel Creations Shogun Masters He-Man and Faker - PREORDER

There were rumors that Skeletor was setting the stage for a matching He-Man and it makes sense to do a Faker variant (same molds, different colors) to save on production costs. My only beef, I think the Sword of Power should be massive as it would be more in line with the stylized look. Solicited for in November 2022, look for these in April 2024.

Toynami Robotech Shogun Warriors Roy Fokker's FV-1S Limited Edition - PREORDER

Toynami originally teased this Jumbo at the San Diego Comic Con many years ago FINALLY soliciting for pre-orders in November of 2022 with a planned release during the 2nd Quarter of 2023.

-- John


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