Mattel Retailer Catalog 1977

This is the first appearance of the Shogun Warriors in a Mattel Catalog (at least the first appearance in those catalogs that I own - I currently have most of them from the 50's through 1990 - of course there may be some preview-style catalogs that I'm not aware of or have missed but in general I have all the primary fall catalogs and both the spring and Toy Fair versions that I'm aware of).

Mattel Retailer Catalog 1977


This appears to be the introduction to the toy line in 1977 with photos and descriptions of the first Jumbo Machinders made available: Mazinga (actually Great Mazinger), Dragun and Raydeen (Raideen). The catalog has a two-page full-color spread. More interesting is the lack of the other toys that we remember, like the Chogokin and vehicles. Apparently this poses the question about release timing - I'm revising as I know believe that these three figures were the originals offered with the other toys as follow-ups (you'll see as I post additional catalog pages).
2023.06.05: Update - Finally obtained the loose page that was frequently inserted into the 1977 catalog that describes the four Die-Cast Shoguns.

Mattel Retailer Catalog 1977 Page 46

Page 46 has photos of Raydeen and Mazinga that coincide with the box art. You also get to see the Shogun Warriors logo for the first time - this logo is used by Mattel throughout the toy offering (with the exception of the end when Rodan is introduced as one of the World's Greatest Monsters). The text reads: "Invincible guardians of world freedom! Raydeen! Dragun! Mazinga! Three space age Samurai defenders. Giant figures stand almost two feet tall! They move on wheels. And each has arms that can be raised & lowered. Individual figures come fully assembled with exciting accessories, loaded with extra play value. No batteries needed. 4-color packages are stoppers, too. Big, bold, striking Shogun Warriors...mysterious defenders of justice!"

#9859 Std. Pak 6/Wt. 25 lbs.
#9860 Std. Pak 6/Wt. 26 lbs.
#9858 Std. Pak 6/Wt. 25 lbs.

Mattel Retailer Catalog 1977 Page 47


Page 47 provides a photo of Dragun with some additional information along with the accessories that are available with each figure. 

Text along the top: "Warrior figures 23 1/2" tall!" and "ALL ACCESSORIES REQUIRE CHILD OPERATION"

#9859 RAYDEEN Warrior Figure: RAYDEEN Warrior Figure with 5 DELTA-WINGED MISSILES and FLYING IRON CUTTER FIST! (the image shows the Iron Cutter and Delta-Wing being launched)

#9860 MAZINGA Warrior Figure: MAZINGA Warrior Figure with 2 MIGHTY SWORDS! His FISTS FIRE ROCKETS! (the image shows Mazinga holding a sword and launching a rocket)

#9858 DRAGUN Warrior Figure: DRAGUN Warrior Figure with 3 BATTLE AXES and SHOOTING STAR PROJECTILES! (the image shows an axe flipping from the axe-hurler and stars ejecting from the Star Shooter - note the strap).

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