Popy XX-9 High Voltage Beam

XX-9 High Voltage Beam Box Contents

XX-9 High Voltage Beam

I finally managed to locate this toy in the box - I've owned a few, both loose and as part of the "Secret Case" accessory. There are two actions - the first is a wind-up mechanism that makes a sparking sound, The second takes two batteries (compartment forward in the box) that lights up the barrel so it looks to be firing a laser beam.

XX-9 High Voltage Beam Box Front

XX-9 High Voltage Beam Box Sides

XX-9 High Voltage Beam Box Back

XX-9 High Voltage Beam Box Ends

This is another accessory offered in a window box - I'm still not sure about the rationale or what order sequence was used to produce these accessories but this one is hard to find. I'm not sure why this item is so scarce - it's part of the "original 10" items offered but perhaps it wasn't thought to have much play-ability so the sales were poor? I'm really not sure. When I finally found on in the box it was pretty reasonable, but I've only seen two boxed in the past two years offered for sale.

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what is the value for one in the box unused but box has dammage?