Updates and Page Clean-up

I managed to do a few updates and clean up some of the moved pages. Mostly I've been scrubbing out all the style sheets that no longer apply and removing tables where they are no longer needed in the HTML. I've also added some content here-and-there (mainly to the Rodan and Gaiking pages).

Pages edited so far:
I've also moved a page I missed during the initial migration: Jumbo Missiles which is now a new menu item from the Jumbo Machinder menu.

Back when I created the original Wildtoys.com site we were all still struggling with crappy 28.8 modems (dark ages, right?) so I tried to keep the images light-weight via compression and size, with links to larger images. Now that most are on high-bandwidth connections I'm thinking of reshooting fresh images of my collection with details of boxes, etc. Thoughts on this? I'm thinking of featuring one item a week until I have everything redone. 

Comments? Please do!

-- John

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