New Shogun Ads and TV Commercials Page

One of the things about collecting for a very long time is that I have this backlog of items that I've been wanting to add to the site. Now that it's much simpler to add pages and articles, I'll mix in updates to existing pages with new stuff - this is the first new page that I'm calling "Advertisements"

It's under the Misc topic in the main menu and I've uploaded a couple of newspaper ads that I've found in my web searches. I've also linked to the many Shogun and Popy videos available on YouTube (most by longtime Anime and Jumbo friend, Brad Walker - no telling how he found these). Much thanks to Brad, by the way - I didn't ask him if I could link to these but he's contributed to the site in the past so I'm going out on a limb thinking that he won't mind.

Some of the things you'll find in those videos: a strap on Dragun's Star Shooter (first Shogun video); several videos featuring the XX accessories; and some amazing footage of the Jumbro Daiku Maryu and Grendizer Spacer!

-- John

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